Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Member of Oriflame Company

How a Member of Oriflame Company gets Points and Profits

Hi Friends, I got a mail from Jiya, you can see it below. She was asking about points and profits for becoming a member in Oriflame.

How Points can be gained?
There are points for each and every products you order. The more products you order, the more points you get. Your profit is 20%.

Secondly, you can join people under you and earn a cheque income of upto 21% of your group sales. The more Consultants you have in your group, the more group points you will get and the more money you will earn.

For example, As a Manager you earn approx 10,000 and as Sr Manager your income will be approx 25-30,000. If you want to become a Manager/ Sr. Manager, I will support and guide you step by step. 

For joining Oriflame SMS your full name, email, mobile, address and date of birth on 9377630607.

Have a great day!

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+Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

On Mon, Feb 4, 2013 at 10:29 AM, jiya wrote:

I wanna be a member of Oriflame company bcoz i loved the products..I donno much about the membership, how points can be gained and what will ma profit be in joining.



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