Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oriflame Business class offer

Business Class Loyalty Program.

Qualify for Business Class in Catalogue 4 (April 2011) & 

Catalogue 5 (May 2011). Get the luxurious Milk & Honey 

Gold Package worth Rs. 1424 for FREE!

Code: 15578, 15579, 15983, 15570

MRP: Rs. 1424 (total)

Offer MRP: FREE!

Offer valid in Multiples

To qualify for Milk & Honey Gold Package consultants need 

to collect 150 personal BP April 2011 and 150 personal BP in 

May 2011 

Qualifiers will get the Milk & Honey Gold package in their 1st 

order above handling limit (Rs. 1250) in June 2011

Join oriflame with me and enjoy business class offer for 

April & may 2011.

Call me on 9820850522 or 7498230110

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