Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Order Your Oriflame Products from a Consultant near you

Order Your Oriflame Products

Now you can Order your Oriflame Products from a Consultant near you or get it by courier at your door step.

Step 1 - Short list the products you want to order. 

Have you short listed the Oriflame products you want to order?

There is a wide range of Oriflame products you can choose from every month.

Step 2 - Submit your Order. 

Once you choose the products you want to order, note down the code no and quantity of each product and send me a mail on or whatsapp me on 9820850522


Click here - To Submit Your Order of Oriflame Products Online.

or SMS or Whatsapp your Full Name, Address, Product Codes on 09820850522.

Step 3 - Receive your Order

Once you place your Oriflame Order Online or by Email, WhatsApp or SMS, you will get a call from us. We will either give you the contact details of the Oriflame Consultant near you who will get the products for you.

If we send you by courier, then we will give you the courier details of the products we have sent by courier (in case there is no consultant in your area.) We do Shipping all over India and we give free delivery (no courier chargers) on orders above Rs 1000. 

Time taken for product delivery: Depending on your location Minimum 3-4 days, Maximum 7 working days.

Step 4 - Make Payment for your Order

  • Mode of Payment in case a consultant hands you the products - CASH.
  • Mode of Payment in case we send you the products by courier:
    • Online transfer to my HDFC or ICICI Bank account. or Paytm
    • Cheque/cash deposit in any HDFC Bank (I will send you account details later)
(If you are going to order more than 3000 every month, you can Joining oriflame by sending me an SMS or WhatsApp on 9820850522 or mailing me the following details: Full Name, Address, Email, Date of birth & mobile no.)

Oriflame consultants can place their order online as shown in the video below

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,

Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Director


  1. how much would it cost for order below 1000? and how can i pay?

    1. If the order is below 1000 you will need to pay the courier charges. If order is above 1000 there is no courier charges.

      If there is a consultant near you then there will me no charges for product delivery. Just pay for the products.

      Mrs Jashmi
      Oriflame Director

    2. Dear Madam,
      My consultant no is 5302324. Pls send my password at my ID amd my phone no is 9748953043.Pls help me.

  2. Hello mam my consultant no is 5711136. Plz send my password at my id

  3. Recently i became member of oriflame..but i dont know my consultant no.and password as well..please help

  4. Is cod option is available?
    If yes...then how could we do that?
    If i ordered...they will deliver my product at my home?

  5. My consultant number is 6673940 plz send password on my id

  6. Hi Jashmi. I am an Oriflame consultant and everytime I order less than ₹1500 the delivery charge is ₹100 and handling fee ₹50 and order above ₹1500 has delivery charge of ₹100. I don't want to pay the delivery charges at all. What should I do?


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