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Lose weight with Oriflame Nutrisoup

Oriflame Nutrisoup - Healthy food

A woman can spend a day without make-up, a child can spend a day without a toy, a man can spend a day without his coolest gadgets. But is it possible to live a day without food? Even for those on a weight loss diet need something to eat. Oriflame Nutrisoup is the best food for them as it satisfies the stomach and does not add calories to our body.

Whether healthy or not, anything can get down the throat to relieve hunger pangs. And unfortunately, most of the foods easily available contribute to weight gain. But Oriflame Nutrisoup can give healthy weight loss so it is different and you an buy it online if you are an Oriflame consultant or you can order from one of our Oriflame Consultant in India. Just WhatsApp us on 9820850522 and we will connect you will someone in your city.

Healthy & Tasty Recipes with Oriflame Nutrisoup

How can Oriflame Nutrisoup help in Weight loss?

If you are looking at a means to satisfy the growling tummy in a healthy and nutritious way while simultaneously experiencing weight loss, opt for Oriflame Nutrisoup. A tasty snacking option flavoured with Tomato and Basil, this 100% vegetarian soup has natural ingredients and is delicious too.

You can make low fat recipes, with this wholesome soup. Oriflame Nutrisoup is available in a pack of 400 g that is ideal for up to 14 servings.

Satiate your protein needs with this soup that provides optimal nutrition. Just mix two table spoons of the powder in a cup of boiling hot water, stirring it till you get a smooth consistency of your nutritious Oriflame wellness soup that helps reduce hunger and cravings to snack on something more. It can be the best low fat recipes for dinner.

A healthy supply of 100 calories with natural ingredients, it also contains 3 sources of vegetarian protein. Due to its low calorie density, Oriflame natural balance soups have proved to be beneficial for weight loss. And proteins help build lean mass that play an important role in healthy weight loss. Besides, it also keeps your stomach satisfied for a longer duration.

Oriflame natural balance soup is on offer this month!!! Take advantage of this.

Oriflame Nutrisoup Advantages

Oriflame Nutrisoup contains Omega 3 and the soup has many other health benefits. Here’s a list that’ll motivate you into indulging in this snack.

  • ·       It’s a high natural source of fibre and protein
  • ·      It boosts energy and focus
  • ·      100% Natural ingredients
  • ·      Reduces hunger and cravings
  • ·      Free from Glutten, lactose, artificial colours and preservatives
  • ·      Convenient to cook. Ready to relish in just 1 minute!

Surprised about the convenience? You can compare this with plucking a fruit from your backyard and eating it. It’s that simple and quick. A good enough reason to ditch the sweet and salty snacks that are high on preservatives and low on nutrition.

With the onset of new technology and complex lifestyles, people have become more prone to eating fast foods and snacks thus sidelining the nutritional home cooked food. Every minute matters and that is why people prefer making the most of their valuable time with family and friends instead of spending them in the kitchen cooking. 

How to get best results from Oriflame Nutrisoup

It is because of this culture that the body takes a beating with wrong diets and multiple health problems. At Oriflame Wellness we understand this changing life pattern evident around the world and so Oriflame constantly works on innovative healthy solutions. Oriflame Nutirsoup is one such answer.

Eating healthy foods is the best way of losing weight and staying fit. There has always been some wisdom in the advice given to you by your elders about eating right. Now thanks to Oriflame Nutrisoup, weight loss is an achievable goal.

How to buy Oriflame Nutrisoup in India

To buy Oriflame products or to get answers to related queries, contact Jashmi through Whatsapp on 9820850522.

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