Monday, May 26, 2014

Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Night Cream

All about M&H Night Cream, Eye Cream, Cleansing Milk!

Look like diva this season….and expose your skin to ravishing face products launched by Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold. These products are primarily for those who have dry to extra dry skin. It is suitable for all age groups. As the name suggests these products are derived from organic sources. Milk is rich in naturally produced nutrients, which are substantial to hydrate skin. Honey involves vitamins and minerals which are proven to revitalize the skin. 


GIRLS its time to consume ourselves in our own doom……by using Oriflame milk and honey gold products, lets talk about it extensively.

*    Oriflame has discovered an exclusive formula specially for girls to keep the skin smooth and moist in the form of Oriflame Milk and Honey Night Cream.  Believe me girls I am sharing from my personal experience if you have dry skin, then this cream is made for u all because its going to create intangible impact on your face. It leaves your skin smooth and moist. Apply this cream at night before you sleep and you would encounter definite softness and glow on your face with its regular use. Extracts of milk and honey imparts intense moisture in skin and provides pleasant and radiant glow on face.


*   Oriflame takes care of every possible part of human body, especially which are ignored by other known brands.  Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold an under eye cream is one of the best example to exemplify my statement in an adequate manner. Milk and honey gold an under eye cream helps to improve skin tone and hydration around the eye contour. Usually in day to day hectic regime, it becomes stressful to take out appropriate amount of time and give relaxation to our eyes. Consequently,we get dark circles, which replaces people's attention from beautiful eyes to uneven tone of skin which surrounds it. Eyes are one the most sensitive organ of our body and it requires little extra care in comparison to other parts. This cream is the miraculous solution to the problem. It relaxes underneath the eyes and prevents uneven skin tone.

* Milk and Honey gold cleansing milk is one of the best cleanser for dry skin, I have ever used. Since, I am cabin crew, I have to apply make up every day on my face because of my professional guidelines, and this cleanser has turned out the best cleanser. As it is derived from organic source, it helps me to remove my makeup and impurities, leaving my skin healthy, clean and nourished. Try this Oriflame Cleansing Milk and I am sure ladies your search for quality cleanser would end here.

Oriflame milk and honey shampoo is also a popular product in this range.



Since we are talking about moisturizing, nourishment at delicate areas, I would undertake this opportunity to talk about this small but important product. let me hit the bull's eye by disclosing its name called Oriflame tender care. Special care for sensitive areas. This small round pink bottle contains the mixture of beeswax and vegetable oil, which relieves skin dryness and restore moisture in skin. This can be applied on lips, cuticles, face and any area which is dry.

All these products are available to you at affordable price by Oriflame....GO SOFT THIS SUMMER AND LET SMOOTHNESS MELT IN YOUR SKIN....


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