Friday, January 3, 2014

Qnet India Review

Is Qnet India a Scam?

In this Qnet India Review I am going to share with you my thoughts about Onet India. I dont think Qnet India is a scam. But it has adopted the binary business model which has not worked for long. History has proved this there are many binary companies that have closed down.

Why I am writing this Qnet India Review? Recently a Qnet leader approached me to understand the Oriflame business plan. I was wondering what went wrong with Qnet India

Some years back I came across Qnet. They had some good products. But I did not take interest in Qnet business due to my own reasons. In my view binary plans cant last for long. I may be wrong but unfortunately I have seen many companies with binary plans shutting down.

I wondered why Qnet leaders are looking for other opportunities. Then came across various articles and I read an article on The Hindu regarding Qnet India. This article was titles 'Look out circular issued against Michael Ferreira. I dont understand why people go after quick money.

I always recommend people to join a company like Oriflame. Not because I am part of it but because of some of the characteristics like:
  • Low joining fee - (Rs 299)
  • Product based company - (900+ products)
  • Well known Brand
  • Compensation based on sales volume
  • Training and support system
  • Unlimited earning potential (no capping)
  • No time limit bonus, Etc.

You can surf my blog for some more benefits of joining a company like Oriflame. Read these articles:

I am not saying Oriflame is the only way or the best option for you or better than Onet India. What I can say is that Oriflame is one of the business that has turned out to be a long term and proven business. 

If you are keen on building a pipeline, why not build it just once with a strong, ethical company like Oriflame? Lets not waste time in companies that promise the sky with less effort or in less time.

After doing your research once you are convinced and committed to work and build a pipeline that lasts a lifetime, get in touch with me and get started the right way, in the right company and retire rich with the confidence that you will never have to build a pipeline again.

Jai Hind!

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Posted by: +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director
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