Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Inspires You the Most?

What Inspires You the Most in life?

I want you to see this video from this amazing sports person - Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova. In this Video Anastasia speaks about how winning gives her the most joy and happiness. What is it that Inspires you the most??? Watch the below video and then share your thoughts in the comments section.

There are some amazing points I got from this video. I've listed them down here:

  1. Only I can help myself
  2. Always think 'how can I do better?
  3. Find a way to win, no matter how you feel
  4. I want, I can & I will
  5. Everything depends on me

How true this is in the Oriflame business too. Hope you enjoyed the video... Now please SHARE what inspires you the most in in the comments section below...

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela

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