Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Do's & Dont's of Joining Friends in Oriflame

Hi to all my readers. In this post I am going to talk about how to Invite friends to Join Oriflame and Do's and don'ts of Joining friends in Oriflame.

When you join Oriflame Cosmetics you are so excited that you immediately start making a mental (if you are a perfectionist) a written list of your friends and family members with whom you would like to share the catalogue. You want to reach out to your close friends before you reach out to other people.

Then after some time you learn about building a team and becoming a Manager and sometimes there is a Recruitment offer which means gifts on joining others in Oriflame. 

Then you are faced with a question - Is it OK to invite friends to join Oriflame? What if they say no? Should you ever talk to your friends about joining Oriflame? Will they be interested? etc. etc.

If you are having fun with Oriflame the answer is - Yes. Why not share the opportunity to look good, have fun and make more money? You can surely invite them. But before you do that you must find out their interest level.

However, no matter how excited you are about the offer, you should avoid doing this:
  • forcing friends to join Oriflame
  • chase relatives if they are not keen
  • beg them to become a member for you
  • try to convince them too much

Then what should you do?
  • Talk to them about the offer and find out their interest level from their response
  • Ask them if they are open to the idea of becoming a Oriflame Consultant and circulate catalogues in their free time for fun!
  • Ask them if they are open to discounts, gifts and some extra income from Oriflame
  • Ask them if people in their circle use beauty products and cosmetics and if they would like to benefit from that fact.
  • Give them room to say 'no' as they might be in a situation that demands attention to other areas of life. Tell them its totally fine and that they can join when they are ready.

Remember that people join Oriflame for various reasons:
  • to socialize
  • to get discounts
  • to get gifts
  • to achieve Manager level
  • to make friend
  • to pass time
  • to use products
  • etc.

You can share your reason for joining Oriflame. This helps you to connect with them. They get interested and also get in touch with their reason for getting started with Oriflame.

When you are clear of your reason to be associated with Oriflame, when they see your excitement and when they see that you happy with your work, it makes them interested in what you are doing.

All said and done, after sharing with them the Oriflame opportunity you can forward them the link of the current month offers and give them the latest catalogue.

Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know your thoughts, questions, stories, etc. in the comments section below....

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela 
Oriflame Director

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  1. Thanks for he timely advise. Recruitment campaign is round the corner. This will be of great help. Voted up, Jashmi!


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