Sunday, March 10, 2013

Need Oriflame Products in Mumbai?

Do you need Oriflame Products every month?

Hi friends, Today I will try to answer the question Koshika as asked in the email below. She is wondering if she should become a consultant or remain a customer. I was a Oriflame customer before I took interest in the business aspect so I can tell you both sides of the coin.

Oriflame Products in Mumbai

You can become a Oriflame Consultant for getting discounts on Oriflame products but if your order is less than 1250/1700 then there are costs like order threshold fee and courier fee that you have to cover as well as travelling cost if you are going to office to collect the products.

When you travel to get your Oriflame products in Mumbai, besides money you spend valuable time. Besides travel time you have to wait for a long time to get your products because of the rush in the office.

Unless you are taking it as a business, you can not benefit from becoming a Consultant in Oriflame. So it is better to buy Oriflame Products from a Consultant in Mumbai when your order is less than 1500 per month. Buying from a consultant will save you time & energy.

If anyone is interested in doing Oriflame business, I always encourage them.

If you learn from me how to circulate catalogues, how to recommend the right products, how to support new people in joining Oriflame, how to guide them, etc. you can make good money in Oriflame. The key when you want to earn money is not in product selling but in building a team.

The decision is up to you. If you are ready to do the Oriflame business I will recommend you to join otherwise its better to buy from a Oriflame Consultant.

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Have a great day!

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Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 6:07 AM, Koshika <> wrote:
Jashmi, can I also become Oriflame consultant like you? what I want to know is, would there be any loss of mine if I am not able to sell the products to other people, but just use it for my own consumption? I mean, would there be any annual membership renewal fee etc.? or any other such expense?

I use Oriflame products. I use to get them from one of Oriflame consultant in my college. now she has moved from here. how do i get the products? I do not want to join Oriflame for business purpose, but would want to continue having the discounts that gal got me. 

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