Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oriflame in Ludhiana

Welcome to Oriflame Ludhiana

Oriflame offers men and Women who join Oriflame in Ludhiana- a career opportunity, Free Trips, Gifts and Extra Income. Oriflame has sales operations in 63 countries.

We’re here to guide you to become successful and Encourage you to become a Manager, Reward your efforts and Celebrate your success.

You’ll have the opportunity of working with supportive and encouraging women who are committed to support new Oriflame Consultants just like you with Oriflame Business Tips!

As an Oriflame Consultant, You can set your own schedule, and work 1-2 hours when you can devote your time while taking full care of your family.

Once you become an Oriflame consultant you can also go to the Oriflame branck in Ludhiana. But there are no products on display there. So there is no use in going to the branch. Mostly people place their order for Oriflame products online and get free home delivery.

If you want Oriflame products in Ludhiana you can only buy them from Oriflame distributors in Ludhiana. There is no Oriflame showroom in Ludhiana but there is an Oriflame branch in Ludhiana. But only Oriflame Consultants can go to Oriflame Ludhiana branch. To Join Oriflame Ludhiana contact no is 09820850522.

If you want to buy any oriflame products in Ludhiana, you can contact me on WhatsApp on 9820850522

You are welcome to join the Oriflame company in Ludhiana!

To join Oriflame in Ludhiana just SMS or WhatsApp me your Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email on 09820850522 and I will guide you further.

Many people make a lot of money when they take proper guidance from successful Oriflame Consultants. When you join my team, I and my team leaders will teach you everything step by step.

If you want to buy any oriflame dealer in Ludhiana, you can contact me on WhatsApp on below number.

Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Director


To know more about me, search 'Oriflame Consultant Jashmi' on Google.

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