Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Oriflame Consultants in India want?

What do Oriflame Consultants in India want?

So many people Join Oriflame as a Consultant in India each month.

I wondered what is the reason for so many people joining Oriflame so I decided to do a survey and ask them what was their reason.

What I did is everytime someone new joins my team I asked them what was their reason for joining.

I noted all their responses. Some people had 1 reason and some had many.

Oriflame Consultants in India

I want to share with you the reasons I got:

  • Get discounts on products
  • I love Oriflame products, I love recommending them to others
  • Save money on my purchase
  • I know many people who buy Oriflame so why not make money by selling
  • Build a Team and earn on their sales
  • Grow with Oriflame
  • Make an extra income
  • Become a Manager
  • Replace my salary and leave my job
  • Work from home as my baby is too small
  • Second income 
  • More time with family
  • More friends
  • I like colors
  • Be independent, have my own income
  • Financial freedom
  • Get free foreign trips
  • Be recognized on stage
  • Achieve someting great
  • Photo in Oriflame Newsletter
  • Purchase for self and family
  • Purchase for self and friends
  • Earn more than my Husband
  • Buy a new House
  • Buy a new Car
  • I have too much spare time
  • I have unutilized talent
  • I dont want to just sit at home

These are some reasons I got from Oriflame consultants all over India.

What is your reason?

Leave a comment below....


Mrs Jashmi
Senior Manager

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