Monday, November 21, 2011

What if you drop from your Oriflame level?

What if you drop from your Oriflame level?

One Oriflame Consulant from my team had a drop in her level in campain 9

Here is what I told her and after that she got back in the game and regained her level in Campaign 10.

"Nothing happens when you drop from your Oriflame Level.
If you are at 12% and you drop to 9%, you can get back in the game and regain your 12% level in next campaign.

You are a winner.

Failure in performance does not mean that you are a failure. Only successful people experience failures. People who do nothing, get nothing.

Crisis comes in everyone's life.

  • Some people have just passed thru a major crisis.
  • Some people are going thru a major crisis in life just now.
  • And some are about to enter a major crisis in life.
  • Its 100% predictable that there will be crisis in everyone's life.

Go back to basics and do what worked for you again and again

To pass thru a crisis you need to be mentally tough.

  • You need to be disciplined.
  • You need to be persistent.

When you do that you pass thru the crisis successfully. You become stronger, more focused, more determined."

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments... I want to know your thoughts...

Ms. Jashmi
Oriflame Senior Director

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