Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Want to know about BP

Hi Mena,

Let me try to answer your question in an easy to understand way.

You get Business Points [BP] for every product you order. The BP for each product is different. The number of BP you get for each product is mentioned on the price list. 

Every month your account starts with zero and as you and your team place order your BP keeps increasing. 

Every month you get paid on the number of BP in your account and the level you reach.  

Example 1
If you have 3 people in your team at the start of the month and you and your 3 team mates place an order of 75 BP each, then your Group BP is 300 so you qualify for  income based on that.

Example 2
If you have 1000 people in your team at the start of the month and you and your 1000 team mates place an order of 75 BP each, then your Group BP is 75,750 so you qualify for income based on that.

I recommend you to attend Step 2 Training once you are an Orifame Consultant.

Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you have further questions. 

Oriflame Manager

On Tue, Apr 26, 2011 at 7:32 AM, Mena Patolia wrote:
I want to be a consultant but not not clear about the Business Point (BP) system.
What Is the standard to get BP, i mean is it fixed that I have to order for X rs. To get 1 BP? And everymonth will these BP be accumulated in your account or for everymonth it will start from 1?


  1. Hi. I was interested to join as an oriflame consultant/agent. I read one comment where it is mentioned that 'if your team consists of 3 people', I want to know what does the team word means? As a new person will I be a member of some other consultant or independent?
    Also in case there are months of inactivity, then are there any disadvantages to the consultant?

    1. you can join as independent consultant. no team is needed.. I can register you in oriflame for free.

    2. If u intrested to join mam.can text me in personal.

  2. I also started as an oriflame consultant 2 months ago. There are lots of questions in my mind. The group and individual BPs are 28 in my group.when will I start getting paid? Will it be based on group BP or individual BP?

  3. Please explain to me in figures how to calculate the income based on our BP and BV.... Every video explains only to calculate BP*BV*%Level=? I would be grateful if you could show it in example. Thanks

  4. Hi where can I order the product?


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