Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Oriflame is among the top MLM companies in India

Why Oriflame MLM is growing fast in India?

This is Jashmi again. I have a few questions for all those who are following my blog and I also have some ideas for your consideration. Get in touch with me or leave your comments if you like them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is MLM good for you? 
  • Have you found the MLM company that will give you time freedom?
  • Have you changed your MLM company more than once? 
  • Do you have to develop your team every 1-2 years?

You must have a second income. Am MLM or multilevel company can give you a decent income. But you must do your Research and join a company that will give you a big chunk of money that's increasing every month with a lot of free time.

You are willing to work but you must work in a stable, strong, growing company, then develop your team and reach the top.

Here are few things to consider:

1. The products of MLM company you join must be in demand & sold easily. Oriflame's cosmetics products are bought by men and women every month because of their quality and exciting offers.

2. MLM company should have unlimited income potential. Oriflame MLM Business has an excellent business plan and incentive programs.

3. Entry level should be low. Joining fee in Oriflame MLM in India is just Rs 300 and at times there is an offer on it as well.

4. Operations should be smooth. Oriflame has a very good website for shopping as well as to see your reports.

5. Company support should be available. Oriflame is very organized and has a strong sales team to support you all over India.

6. The company should have a training strategy. Oriflame has training for all levels of distributors.

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About the author:

+Jashmi Waghela is a Network Marketer, Trainer and Coach. She conducts various training program on selling skills, Leadership, Duplicaton, MLM Secrets, etc. all across India.

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