Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Free Joining in Oriflame till 31st December 2018

Good News Friends Now you can Join in Oriflame for FREE ..... till 31st December

Get started with Oriflame with your first order of Rs. 2000 and above. Explore the Oriflame world for FREE!

Welcome Program 1 : Place 100 BP Order  with in the first month and get welcome program gift worth Rs. 650.

Welcome Program 2 & 3 Place 100 BP Order in 2nd month and  3rd month welcome program gift of ur choice from given welcome program productsworth Rs. 1600.

Two Ways you can join for Free.

Oriflame Online Joining Form

Fill all the below information for sign up in Oriflame and then call us on 9820850522 for details on how to join Oriflame you can whats up or call me on 09820850522. Jashmi (Oriflame Gold Director)

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