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Oriflame Success Formula

Success Formula for Oriflame Consultants

In every field there are some successful people. If we follow their path we can also be as much successful. Here are some things that successful Oriflame Consultants do, just do the same and you are sure to get more success in Oriflame. Successful Oriflame Consultants love to talk to new people.

They enthusiastically share the Oriflame opportunity or the Oriflame catalogue with 3 new people a day. They stay in touch with old customers and recommend them Oriflame products to fulfill their daily skin care, hair care & personal care needs as well as cosmetics and make up. They perform the following activities every catalogue:

1. SHOW – the new catalogue and take orders from existing and new costumers. They order the next month catalogue in advance. Usually they order a set of 20 catalogues every month.

Consultants who have a bigger customer base order 40 or every 60 catalogues a month. They always keep the latest catalogue with them where ever they go and always grab the opportunity to show the catalogue.

They show each new catalogue to existing customers and take repeat orders. They have more than 20 or 40 or even 60 regular customers.

The main reason why they qualify for business class (150BP) every month is that they talk enthusiastically with 3 new people a day about the Oriflame products and opportunity.

2. INVITE – others to join Oriflame. They organize small Oriflame opportunity meetings or beauty parties or product demo at home. They invite their neighbours, customers and friends to these events. They have a lot of fun at these events.

3. ATTEND – online training, campaign launch meetings, SM Club training  Managers Seminar and other events as per the suggestion of their upline Manager, Senior Manager or Director.

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Success formula for Oriflame Leaders

Leaders are those Consultants who develop a team by recruiting Consultants under them. To get more and more success these Oriflame Leaders perform the following activities every catalogue:

1. RECRUIT and Activate Consultants. They recruit 1 new consultant every week and guide them to complete their welcome program in the first 3 months and get the welcome program gifts. They teach them how to become a Business Class Consultant by doing 150 points every month.

Successful Leaders in Oriflame personally recruit at least one Consultant per week. They find it easy to do because of their habit of talking to 3 new people a day. Once someone joins the team they continuously stay in personal contact with them.

They are also in touch with established Consultants and continuously guide them to reach higher levels (like 21% Manager level).

2. TRAIN and Develop Future Leaders. They guide new consultants on how to increase the customer base, how to place order, how to do 150 points, how to become a Manager, How to become Senior Manager / Director, how to qualify for foreign trips, Managers Seminar, Directors Seminar, etc.

3. SET GOALS and Follow-up. Successful leaders support Consultants to set their personal and business goals. They guide them how they can achieve short term goals in the next 3-6 months and long term goals in 1 - 2 years. These leaders are also focused and committed to achieve their own dreams and goals.

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