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Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation

Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation

Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation is a very effective foundation product from Oriflame.

  • It is an anti-ageing foundation for a younger looking skin, giving you a brighter complexion.
  • It has a unique formula that helps smooth fine lines and gives you an impeccable looking skin.
  • It is enriched with rare White Truffle extract which has highly improved age-defying qualities.
  • It has a creamy texture. 
  • It gives you a smooth finish while hydrating your skin 
  • It protects you from harmful Sun rays with with SPF 8.
  • It also helps you keep your skin looking immaculate and young. 
  • With this perfect foundation base you can have a perfect makeup.
  • It comes in a 30ml pack.

It comes in the following Shades:

  •  Porcelain
  •  Light Ivory
  •  Natural Beige
  •  Natural Rose
  •  Golden Beige

Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation Review

Makeup Tips

  1. Follow your skin care routine daily.
  2. After cleansing and toning apply moisturiser or special skincare treatment product.
  3. Wait for a few minutes before applying foundation.
  4. Use Oriflame Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation to create the perfect base for your makeup.
  5. Choose the colour of your Foundation that is as close to your natural skin tone as possible.
  6. See the video below to note the steps in applying the foundation.
  7. Giordani Gold Age Defying Foundation gives you a professional look
  8. Applying foundation helps you in keeping your makeup fresh for a long time.


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About Mrs Jashmi. 
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