Friday, October 1, 2010

top 10 network marketing companies

Oriflame is among the top 10 network marketing companies as per Alexa

Alexa gives details regarding to the level of popularity of web sites.
Oriflame Products range comprises hair, skin and personal care, colour cosmetics, scents.

What you need to contemplate before joining Oriflame:
-Do you like the products? If not, dont join.
-Do you use a similar product at present?
-If yes, can the Oriflame products be a substitute for you?
Then investigate factors like;
- market potential
-Income plan
-Start up fee

-etc, etc.
The best plan is to build a team because you truly connect to the products Oriflame has to offer.
Your own achievement with Oriflame will depend a lot more upon what you do after you sign up.
You need a guide and I am willing to be your guide if you are keen to learn the skills required to do the business.


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