Monday, August 6, 2012

Oriflame products for Bridal Make-up

Oriflame products for Bridal Make-up

We can recommend Oriflame Primer for special occasions when you really want your skin to look flawless. 

  1. First you need to apply cleanser and toner.
  2. Moisturizer can make the skin oily so either use very little or just avoid it.
  3. You can use figures to apply the primer, but if you are more comfortable with brush you can use the brush.
  4. Give some time for the Primer to dry - 1 minute or so.
  5. Primer helps to prepare the skin for the foundation. Oriflame primer is colorless and lets the foundation do its magic better.
  6. If there are dark circles under the eye, use concealer with your ring finger.
  7. After applying primer if there is excess moisture you compact or to add a little shine put some loose powder. 
  8. Then you can do the eye make up - Eye shadow, Eye liner and finally maskara. 
  9. Then apply blush on the cheeks and finish it with Lip liner and lip stick.
  10. Check out Oriflame Optimals Hydra range of products

Hope this is helpful, let me know if you have further questions.

Have a great day!

Mrs +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

On Fri, Aug 3, 2012 at 4:51 AM, bharathi wrote:
Dear Ms. Jashmi,

one of my customer wants to use Oriflame products for her bridal make-up. so, please send me a mail how to use Studio Artist Primer, Concealer & Giodarain foundation and compact Powder.

please send me a explained mail regarding this.

With Thanks & Regards,

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  1. Nice post although but what all they do Bridal makeup services do the cosmetics and hairstyle that supplement your dress, jewelry, your character and concept of the wedding.


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