Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Benefit of being a Member / Consultant of Oriflame

Here are the benefits of Joining Oriflame:

1 Pride of being part of a prestigious company
2 Free gifts on achievements
3 Cash commission of 20 %
4 New friends
5 Training and development
6 Cheque income upto 21%
7 Bonus and incentives
8 Foreign trips
9 Rewards and recognition

For Joining Oriflame Please open below link.

If you have any questions, send me a mail - jashmiw@gmail.com


Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Manager 

About Mrs. Jashmi
Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Manager. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. In April she received an award for her performance at an Oriflame event in Mumbai.


  1. hey...i am a customer,but bcoz of free membership offer,some ppl offered me to bcm a consultant..now if i dnt wan to use it as a business and keep on using as customer,is it useful for me?d aunti who gives me products alredy gives me discounts of 20 percent or more...

  2. Hi Anita, the benefit is in showing the catalogue and taking orders... so that you complete some points and get some gifts. If you are not interested in that then enjoy the 20 off you are getting...!

  3. I am newly joined consultant and I don't have any idea of offers and prices,please let me know about it. I want to work on this seriously.


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